Sylvan Technologies

Proprietary, data-driven, purpose-built software for the complete life-cycle management of single family investments. Contact us to learn about software licensing and data analytics opportunities.

RealAUMTo manage the investment process and end-to-end lifecycle of single family investing, Sylvan Technologies created a proprietary technology system from the ground up called RealAUM. This system is built on cutting-edge software and data systems to maximize flexibility and scalability. It can integrate with third-party property management and accounting software to seamlessly report data from disparate sources.

RealAUM is driven by a broad spectrum of housing data, including MLS, tax records, rental rates, and quantitative neighborhood scoring. It also serves as the front-end for a sophisticated data warehouse comprising more than 1 terabyte of real estate asset and operational data.

RealAUM is composed of multiple modules that serve as a foundation for the acquisition, renovation, leasing, and management of single family rental assets. The system employs proprietary data analytics and algorithms to automatically calculate and estimate real estate values, rents, construction budgets, and returns.