Approach to Single Family Investing

High volume, highly dispersed real estate requires vertically integrated management and purpose-built technology.

Sylvan Road takes a vertically integrated approach to real estate investing and management, controlling all aspects of the investment life cycle from acquisition to disposition. Through our operating affiliates, we provide transaction services, real estate services, technology, and analytics for all Sylvan Road-managed investment vehicles. These services create an ecosystem for single family real estate to be acquired, managed, and sold by the Sylvan Road platform.

Sylvan Road operates on a proprietary technology platform that has been under development since our inception, and it is specifically designed for single family investing at scale. This technology allows us to better:

  • Identify, underwrite, and acquire real estate assets
  • Scope, bid, and manage construction projects
  • Comp, market, and lease properties
  • Triage, manage, and close work orders
  • Turn, renew, and collect from tenants
  • Surveil, manage, and report on investments

We provide investment management services for a variety of institutional investors in the single family asset class. Sylvan Road currently manages capital for short-, medium-, and long-term investment strategies on behalf of blue chip equity investors with leverage from global credit providers.